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Please do touch !

These illustrations of extinct animals were printed from the bone powder of the respective animal. 


The idea is not only to see the animals, but also to touch and feel them directly by contact. 

I aim for breaking through the glass barrier in the museum and establish a haptic connection with the objects of history. 


If you carefully stroke your fingers over the grey areas you will feel a rough surface compared to the black and white areas, this is due to the fine grains of the bones worked into the ink. 


Each illustration is individually hand-printed in screenprint and limited to 50 copies. 


52cm x 72cm / DinA1 heavy paper.

The Ouroboros


With 100 million years old dinosaur bones, which were ground to dust, I printed my interpretation of the Ouroboros, in the form of the armadillo gilded lizard living today, by screen printing. In its symbolism of rebirth, something new arose from something old. 

Din A1 Format, heavy paper. 

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